Pete and Emily Johnson

Serving in Rancho el Camino, La Paz, Mexico

We serve children, youth, and families in Mexico and Latin America through community development, therapeutic rec, church planting, and leadership training.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for the staff at Rancho el Camino as we work together to serve the community.
  • Pray for our programs for kids and youth, that through them we would reach families with the gospel.

Amy Evers

Serving In Papua New Guinea

Supporting Bible Translation in Papua New Guinea through the work of graphic design.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for all the details of furlough to come together smoothly.
  • Pray for me to wrap up final design projects before departure and to leave the communication department in a good place.

Luke & Nancy Cutherell

Serving in Pakistan

Medical ministry at Bach Christian Hospital, Pakistan.

Prayer Requests

  • Wisdom for the BCH board to choose a new Medical Director to replace Luke.
  • Open hearts to hear and receive the Good News.

Mike & Pat Mower

Serving In USA

Serving in mission mobilization efforts through JAARS Missions at the Airport events around the United States.

Prayer Requests

  • After 41 years in ministry within JAARS and Wycliffe Bible Translators, Mike and Pat are looking forward retiring and slowing down to a more relaxed pace of life. They will continue serving with JAARS as retired volunteers.
  • Mike is transitioning from leadership within the JAARS Missions at the Airport program to the retired volunteer status. Pray for the next few months of transition as he prepares Rachael Stoner to assume his role in leadership in the program.

Dr. Bob & Mallory Boyd

Serving in U.S., Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Uganda, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Russia

Igniting new fires of spiritual awakening through the Holy Spirit changing lives around the world through campus-wide and city-wide campaigns.

Prayer Requests

  • Continued training of African teams to teach our New Fire lessons in the schools to over 200,000 students for growth in their changed lives!
  • Pray that Burundi will use our curriculum in ALL the high schools. The committee is reviewing the materials now.
  • Pray for all the preparations for the crusade in Zanzibar scheduled for mid July. Pray that the Pastors & Bishops will do the work necessary for good results. And pray for funding to come in to cover the expenses.
  • Pray that we find a new office soon, since Tab is selling the building.

Bob & Kelley Thorp

Serving In North Carolina

Serving so that people around the world may hear the Word of God and move from doubt to a decision to follow Jesus and be taught the Word so that they can live lives that honor Jesus.

Prayer Requests

  • Wisdom in researching the requirements for a replacement global finance system.
  • Wisdom and discernment in selecting the correct global finance system for TWR.
  • Understanding and discernment in adjusting policy and procedures to align with the replacement finance system

Kurnia & Lian Foe

Serving in Norfolk, VA

Serving International Students with the love of Christ

Prayer Requests

  • New international students will adjust well to studying here. Pray for peace as some students were without any assistantship or on-campus jobs.
  • Prayer that they could get housing soon. Please pray for some of our students who got Covid.
  • New pastoral office for Kurnia and for a new GSF food pantry.
  • GSF student leaders, staff, and volunteers. Pray that we would work together in unity and effectively.
  • Health for Lian and Kurnia and the Foe Boys as they continue serving and attending the school and university (for the boys) during the pandemic.
  • Kurnia’s and Lian’s discipleship groups among international students. Please pray that God opens the door of opportunity for Kurnia to preach this Spring.
  • We are making plans to visit Indonesia this Summer. We couldn’t make the tickets reservation in January as the Indonesian government made a very strict quarantine policy, which is very costly, for any incoming international travelers to enter Indonesia. Hopefully, the global health pandemic will be much suppressed and controlled so that the protocols are much more relaxed.

Mike & Sally Latsko

Serving In US headquarters of Frontiers, Phoenix, AZ

Mobilizing the global church and missions community to the world's remaining unengaged unreached people groups.

Prayer Requests

  • The completion of for beta testing June 1.
  • The production of 12 3-5 minute videos on why the unengaged merit urgent and fresh attention.
  • The formation of 6-8 Design Sprints to equip 75 global leaders to advocate for the unengaged among their circles of influence.

M & P

Serving in South Asia

Serving vulnerable and unreached communities with healthcare and the Gospel.

Prayer Requests

  • Support raising
  • M. is having a minor surgery in April
  • Family transition

When giving note designation #54444.

Khanh Le

Serving In Vietnam

To equip disciple-makers with Oral Bible Training and Natural Farming Technology to transform lives for God’s glory.

Prayer Requests

  • My mom has aggressive leukemia and is not yet saved.
  • Praying to be able to go back to the U.S. to take care of her and for her salvation.

Jose & Whitney Cordero

Serving in Fort Huachuca, Arizona

Exalting Christ in the nations through the lives of transformed Christ-centered, others-focused, kingdom-minded, military people.

Prayer Requests

  • As we share the Gospel and our lives with the Military Community pray we will be faithful to the end in providing a loving home environment and model authentic lives transformed by the Truth of Scripture.

  • For our four children, their spouses and eight
    Grandchildren whom for 16 years we have been separated from by time and distance.

  • For a military and its chaplaincy who for years were privileged standard bearers as bastions against counter culture and who now are being bombarded in a daily fight against having to accept friendship with the world.