We do life together!

At Tab, all of our regular meetings and groups fall under the umbrella of “TabGroups.” We have a variety of opportunities. Some are coed, and some are just for men or just for women. Now is the perfect time to find a TabGroup that fits your schedule and season of life. For a map of where our current LifeGroups and off-site Bible Studies meet, click here.


  • LifeGroups are the primary strategy at Tab for making connections and going deeper with a specific group of folks - this is your best next step, if you are new to Tab.
  • They usually consist of 6 to 15 people that become a family; within the greater Tab family that do life together;
  • They meet in people’s homes and focus on fellowship and meeting the practical needs within the group. They also focus on prayer and serving opportunities.
  • Some groups have a Bible study component, some discuss the sermon each week, and others do book/video studies or discussions.
  • For a list of our current LifeGroups, click here.

Women’s Ministry

  • TabLadies exists to create a space for ladies (18 years and up) from all generations to connect and walk through life together by regularly meeting through a series of various social gatherings, small groups and ladies Bible studies.
  • TabLadies Spring 2022 events can be found here.
  • We are extremely excited for the Fall of 2022…please stay tuned!

Adult Sunday School

  • Sunday School Classes meet at the church on Sunday mornings, prior to church services, and run about 50 minutes to an hour.
  • A Sunday School leader will guide and instruct the class, through a Biblical series, topic or lesson.
  • For a list of our current Adult Sunday School Classes, click here.

Bible Studies

  • Bible study groups are a great way to help increase our Biblical knowledge by digging into the Bible. 
  • They meet in people’s homes and at the church, to focus on fellowship and are driven by subjects, topics or certain books of the Bible.  
  • Some groups meet year-round, while others run on shorter intervals or may only last a few months at a time.
  • For a list of our current Bible Studies, click here.

Young Adults

  • Young Adults Bible Study meets Monday evenings @ 7-8pm at Tab Church, in Room 211 (starting November 1).
  • The young adults aim to be a social group of positive influence that leads to a path of self-discovery. Their goal is to be an inclusive group that motivates one another to maintain our walk in faith. They spend their time together learning about themselves as they learn more about God.
  • They have occasional get togethers to build community. For more information click here to email Sam Verhaagen.

We’re Better Together

Join a TabGroup and experience real relationships and opportunities that will grow and challenge your faith. Complete the form below or contact Pastor Clark, clark.taylor@tabchurch.org