We Are Designed to Live in Community and Learn from Each Other!

At Tab, all of our regular meetings and groups fall under the umbrella of "TabGroups." We have a variety of opportunities - Life Groups, Bible Studies, and Outreach Groups. Some are coed, and some are just for men or just for women. Now is the perfect time to find a TabGroup that fits your schedule and season of life. 

What is a Life Group?

• Life groups are the primary mechanism at Tab for making connections and going deeper with a specific group of folks. They usually consist of 6 to 15 people that become a "family" within the greater Tab family that "do life together."  
• They meet in people's homes and focus on fellowship and meeting the practical needs within the group. They also focus on prayer and serving opportunities.  
• Some groups have a bible study component, some discuss the sermon each week, and others do book/video studies or discussions. Every group has its own "DNA" and culture and varies in age and stage of life.  

We’re Better Together

Join a TabGroup and experience real relationships and opportunities that will grow and challenge your faith. Complete the form below or contact Pastor Clark, clark.taylor@tabchurch.org