Our Vision

We exist to help the 1.7 million people in Hampton Roads to discover their story in the context of God’s global purpose.

Our Mission

Pushing through boundaries to share God’s story from Norfolk to the Nations!

Our Core Values

Our core values seek to answer the question “how?” we will live out the mission.

We believe the Church is built on the foundation of God’s revealed Word with Jesus Christ being the central focus. In an ever-changing world, we seek to be a people that bend our lives to the Bible. God’s word is without error and never changing. It reveals everything necessary to live in relationship with God and how to honor God with our lives. We seek to be a people growing in our knowledge of God’s word and more importantly applying it to our everyday life.

We believe heaven will reflect the beautiful diversity of God’s creation. Heaven will be a place our diversity will be celebrated, and we seek to celebrate what is to come here and now. As we unify around our One Lord and faith our differences are not viewed through a lens of division but through God’s diverse design to elevate the power of the cross. We aim to become an increasingly diverse church because a unified diversity reflects the heart of God and benefits us all.

We believe it is God’s desire to do exceedingly more. We go boldly before a gracious God who eagerly responds to the faith of His people. Knowing that without faith it is impossible to please God, we seek to be a people marked by bold faith. Our corporate and personal stories will give witness to our great God who defies natural limits and human ability.

We believe in prioritizing the next generation of leaders. We seek to pass the faith to those coming behind by investing in emerging leaders and empowering them with increasing amounts of influence. Emerging leaders are the future of the Church and we seek to empower emerging leaders to participate in God’s global purposes.

We believe it is our responsibility and privilege to introduce people to Jesus. We refuse to allow secondary issues to impede the path to Jesus and divide us as a church body. We seek to be a church growing in our commitment to Christ and love for others. While remaining steadfast in our core beliefs we willingly lay aside our preferences to preserve internal unity and external relevance.

We believe the Christian life was designed for community. As we grow in our commitment to Christ our horizontal relationships are strengthened. Our relationships are centered around the study of God’s word, generosity, hospitality, and prayer. Our sacrificial love for others entices those around us to consider the gospel.

We believe God opens our eyes to brokenness and injustice as we are permeated with the hope of Christ. As salt and light, we choose to step in where others step out. We seek to honor God’s imprint on every human being as we step into need with the transforming love of Christ.

We believe God changes us from the inside out through grace. As we seek to grow in our understanding of God’s love it deepens our devotion to Christ and compassion for others. God loves us as we are but doesn’t leave us as we are. As we are changed, we invite others to join us on the journey.

We believe God has charged us to be on a mission. We invest a disproportionate amount of resources beyond the building to meet people where they are. We send our best leaders to expand the mission and generously engage the world around us.

We believe God calls us to strive for excellence. We seek to honor God in response to grace not to earn it. Individually and corporately, God has given us abilities to influence the world for Christ and we seek to give him our very best. We grow in gratitude as God multiples our efforts through the empowerment of his Spirit.

Meet Our Elders

Tab Elders are the church leadership team.

Their purpose is to be the spiritual shepherds of the church, serving as decision-makers and pacesetters. The elders invest themselves in the proclaiming of God’s truth, interceding on behalf of the Tab family, and discerning a Godly vision and direction for the church.